What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

There is plenty of stress that comes along with buying or selling a home. As one of the largest financial transactions most people will make in their lives, it’s important to get it right. To benefit from the experience and training of a professional, most people hire a real estate agent early in the process. But what all do real estate agents do, anyway? Are they worth the money or should you go through this purchase or sale on your own? It is absolutely a good idea to hire a real estate agent, and this article will explain why.

With so many homes for sale in the MLS listings at any one time, it can be hard to sort through the noise to find the good opportunities. Smith Marketing is the right team to put on your side to navigate this stressful – but exciting – process.

Performing a List of Functions

The role of a real estate agent is going to change from day to day, so agents always have to be prepared for the challenges that might arise when working with a client. Some of the common duties that agents will perform include:

  • Home showing appointments with buyers to see properties
  • Hosting open houses for sellers to show off a house to potential buyers and answer questions
  • Finding listings that align with a buyer’s objectives
  • Working through the paperwork required to take a transaction toward closing
  • Interacting with a variety of other professionals involved in the process, such as the lending agent, inspector, and more
  • Performing market analysis to offer insight into the fair market value of a property

This list is far from complete, of course, but it gives you an idea of just how much a real estate agent can do when brought in to facilitate a deal. Many of those duties listed above will be completed in the same day, especially on weekends when showings and open houses are common. When you think about the sheer number of tasks a real estate agent handles for you as the client, the fee that they charge starts to look like a bargain.

Providing Important Advice

It’s a good starting point to look at the practical side of what real estate agents do, as was highlighted above. But those fundamentals don’t really tell the whole story, because there is another side to what real estate agents offer that is a little harder to quantify. The other side is the advice and direction that they offer to clients who are trying to buy or sell a home. This is a stressful, anxious experience, and it’s often the real estate agent that serves as a level-headed, professional guide to make it through the process successfully.

The advice of a real estate agent could come in handy when trying to decide if you should accept an offer or wait for a better one to come along. Or it could help you determine how much to offer on a house that you are interested in purchasing. To put the advice of an experienced real estate team on your side for an upcoming transaction, reach out to Smith Marketing right away.