Brian Riker Homes

Brian Riker has been around the building industry his entire life. The son of a carpenter, Brian’s father moved the family south, from New Jersey to Georgia, for the moderate climate and longer building season. Brian spent more than a few summers during his high school and college years helping his father, and learning the building trade from the ground up. After graduating from the University of Georgia with a business degree, Brian went to work in sales and marketing for Kawneer, one of the world’s leading building products companies. Nine years later he accepted a position with Guardian, another industry leader in windows and window systems. For fifteen years he worked closely with architects and specifiers on projects of every conceivable scale — from a few hundred thousand to multi-million office complexes. The exposure paid valuable dividends, yet deep down, at the end of the day, Brian needed something more. “I needed to feel like I was creating something that I was proud of, something that lasts and has meaning for people.” For more information please visit our website at