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Johnson and Lee combines the expertise of two father and son teams with years of experience in residential and commercial construction. The Johnson and Lee teams both value the day to day commitment of being on the job and adding their personal touches to every project. The quality of their work is rivaled only by their passion to complete each job to the satisfaction of their clients.

In 2005, fine construction contractors, Commie Johnson and Rick Lee teamed up to combine their talents and offer quality residential new home workmanship, founding Johnson & Lee, LLC. Rick Lee has been building residential new homes for 50 years and his son Mike, for 27 years in the Triad. Commie Johnson was in the commercial building industry for many years so combining their ingenuity in custom and complex construction building along with a lifetime of being fellow church members, just made sense. Especially with these men passion for residential new home construction and being lifelong local residents of Oak Ridge, they created Johnson & Lee LLC.

With their continued success as custom home builders, their sons, Casey Johnson and Mike Lee, quickly joined the local, family run business. Each of the Johnsons and the Lees enjoy the creative side of building homes and incorporating their own personal style to create a truly one-of-a-kind custom home building experience. It is no surprise that this four men – father with sons team, is one of three top custom home builders in the Triad by the Northwest Observer.

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