Koury Corporation

A history of quality construction Koury Corporation, a privately-owned builder, owner, developer and manager of a diversified real estate portfolio brings almost 50 years of experience in real estate development in North Carolina. With clients in hospitality, office space, industrial, retail space and apartment buildings, multiple holdings were built by Koury Corporation’s construction division. In 1952, Joseph S. Koury founded Koury Corporation, a locally owned real estate development and management company, in Greensboro, North Carolina. The company specializes in the development, construction, and management of office buildings, industrial facilities, retail developments, recreational and hospitality facilities, single and multifamily properties and subdivisions. Skillfully managing a diverse portfolio has led to Koury Corporation becoming one of the most successful local real estate development companies in the United States. With a philosophy of quality construction, hands-on management, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, the management team’s years of coordinated experience and a synergy of talents provide a solid foundation for the continued growth of the company. Joseph S. Koury, deceased, has left the company with a rich history and traditions of excellence.
Estate Development With expertise in both residential properties and commercial real estate, Koury Corporation provides excellent development services to the Greensboro market. For example, the company produced the Sheraton Four Seasons, followed by the Four Seasons Mall . This expanded into the Four Seasons Town Centre, recognized as one of the largest and most innovative hospitality, office and retail complexes in the nation. The Joseph S. Koury Convention Center was constructed and later expanded to 250,000 square feet of meeting space. Continued expansions provide additional space and functionality to the Sheraton Four Seasons complex, including 1,000 guest rooms and a 28-story tower. Fully integrated with a solid foundation With approximately 1,000 employees, Koury Corporation is fully integrated in both real estate management and construction. The certified and trained professional staff includes experts in land planning, architecture, construction, engineering and facilities management. Financially stable and competitively strong, Koury Corporation is positioned and equipped to assist with the largest of real estate development projects. Mixed-use, multi-family, retail and office development Owning and managing more than 1,300,000 square feet of industrial and office properties in the Greensboro area, Koury is recognized as providing first class construction of corporate headquarters and regional operations of national companies. Koury Corporation’s experience and quality construction offers a great opportunity for people to enjoy working, living, shopping, meeting and dining in one convenient location. For more information visit our website at: http://www.kourycorp.com/