Do Home Prices Go Up in the Summer?

Published on May 22, 2023 by Smith Marketing

Given the importance of a real estate transaction to your overall financial future, it’s understandable that you would want to look for every possible advantage. One area where some buyers and sellers look for an edge is timing – by buying or selling at the right time, is it possible to get a better deal? Specifically, summer seems to be the focus of many of these discussions, so this article will take a closer look at what happens to the real estate market when the temperatures rise.


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A Common Belief

Let’s start by talking about why this would be a question in the first place. It is a belief held by some that house prices are higher in the summer simply because more people are looking for homes when the weather is nice and it is more welcoming to think about moving. With more competition in the summer, as this theory goes, there are more offers placed on available houses, and the prices are driven up.


Is It True?

There does appear to be at least some truth to this idea. Data indicates that prices do tend to go up a bit in the summer before retreating slightly when the weather cools off once again. So, if you are thinking of selling your home, it might be a worthwhile strategy to consider putting your home up on the market in the warm weather to take advantage of the busyness of the market at that time.


Of course, you might not have the flexibility in your schedule to make this work – and that’s okay. For instance, if you need to move for work, you might have to put your home up for sale right away, no matter what time of year it happens to be. And that’s just fine. While prices do tend to perk up a bit in the summer, it’s not a dramatic change. You can secure a fair market price on the sale of your home any time of year.


What About Buyers?

The message for sellers is that it may be possible to get a little more for your property if you sell in the late spring or summer months. So, if possible, it makes sense to list during that time of year. But does that mean that buyers should only shop during the off-season when prices are suppressed?


Not necessarily. Sure, prices might be slightly lower in the winter months, but inventory will be significantly lower, as well. As a result, buyers will have fewer properties to pick from and might have a harder time finding something that suits their needs. Your best bet as a buyer is likely to just start looking for properties whenever you are ready to move. If one comes along that is the right fit for your needs and suits your budget, it doesn’t much matter what the calendar says – you can put in an offer and try to close the deal.


5 Inexpensive Home Improvements That Add Value to Your Property: Make Your Home Stand Out!

Published on May 19, 2023 by Smith Marketing

If you have started to think about selling your home, you might be wondering what you can do to make the property as valuable as possible for prospective buyers. While there isn’t anything you can do about the overall market conditions, you can take some inexpensive steps to position your home to be as attractive to buyers as possible. By using some or all of the ideas in this article, you can put up your listing with confidence.


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1 – New Fixtures

This is a great way to upgrade your home quickly because not only can fixtures be rather affordable, but they are easy enough for most people to install with just basic tools. For example, adding fresh handles and pulls to your kitchen drawers and cabinets is a task that requires little more than a screwdriver and some spare time. For an older home with worn fixtures, these kinds of updates can make a huge difference.


2 – Fresh Paint

You’ll probably see this piece of advice in plenty of places, and that’s because it’s such an easy step to take. Paint is pretty inexpensive in most cases, and unless you have extremely tall ceilings or spots in the house that are difficult to access, you might be able to do the work yourself, but the best results will come from a professional painting crew.  Your real estate agent will likely be able to help you with a recommendation for a quality painting company.  And remember If you are painting with the intention of selling the house in the near future, set aside your personal tastes and opt for simple, neutral shades that will appeal to a wide range of buyers.


3 – Move Out the Clutter

Okay – so this isn’t technically a home improvement project, but it can make your house much more attractive to potential buyers once it hits the market. It’s never too early to start getting rid of things that you don’t need anymore to free up space and make the house feel bigger. There is a good chance you’ll be able to find quite a few things around the house and garage that can simply be thrown out once you start looking closely, and you’ll probably find even more that can be sold or donated.


4 – Improve the Landscaping

This is another point that requires minimal financial investment, as long as you are willing to do some hard work. Making sure your landscaping is in good shape when the house hits the market will boost the curb appeal and offer buyers a great first impression. You don’t need to be a master gardener to make big improvements here – just clean up the yard, remove weeds, keep the lawn green, and consider adding a couple of flowers for color.


5 – Professional Carpet Cleaning

Another point on the list that calls for bringing in the professionals is this one, but you’ll likely find it to be well worth the investment. Professional carpet cleaners have access to tools and equipment that aren’t easily available to the consumer, so you can expect to get great results for only a modest investment. This step is worthwhile for all sellers, but it’s particularly valuable for pet owners, as those pets may have been hard on the carpets over the years.


Minimize the Hassle of Selling Your Home with Our Expert Strategies

Published on April 15, 2023 by Smith Marketing

Selling your home is a process that has a reputation for being particularly difficult to navigate. You have probably heard horror stories from friends or family members about home sales gone wrong, or tales of having a house sit on the market for months on end without much interest from potential buyers. While the last few years have seen a real sellars market some people are concerned that a little but slower market means they can’t sell their home quickly for a good price.  If such fears are holding you back from selling, this article should help give you the confidence needed to move forward.


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The Right Partner

First and foremost, working with the right agent is your best bet for avoiding hassles in the selling process. You simply can’t overestimate the value of an active, respected agent in this process. With a good partner on your side from the start, the little roadblocks that come up along the way will be dealt with quickly and you can stay on track toward closing a deal much sooner than would have otherwise been possible.


Opt for Professional Photos

In the digital age, it’s pictures that sell houses. Almost everyone who is looking for a home is going to first interact with that home by viewing some images online. Then, if they like those images, they will reach out to an agent or try to set up a showing. If the images fall flat, however, they’ll just move on.


Hiring a professional to take your photos is more than worth the investment in the end. Real estate photographers know how to frame their shots to make the house look great. Specifically, they’ll aim to make each room look large and spacious, which is one of the first things prospective buyers are going to want to see.


Plan for Showings

You aren’t going to be able to sell your house without having at least a few showings for prospective buyers to check it out and see what they think about it in person. Those showings are going to be a little disruptive, so think about where you will go and what you will do while they are underway. This is particularly important for people with kids or pets to consider.



What Comes Next?

Many homeowners go into the selling process without a clear vision as to what will come next. They may be unsure that their house is going to sell quickly, so they just wait to see what happens with the listing before doing anything else.


This approach can quickly turn the selling process into a major headache. You need to have a clear vision of what you are going to be doing when the house sells, and how that transition period will play out. Are you going to be purchasing another home? Moving into a rental?  Whatever your intention may be, having clarity around what is going to happen will help to limit the stress when the offers start coming in and the process accelerates toward closing a sale and with the right partner by your side, you can have the confidence to move forward.

How to Maximize Your Home’s Value in Greensboro’s Competitive Market

Published on April 3, 2023 by Smith Marketing

Everyone wants to get top dollar when they sell their home. This might be the largest financial transaction of your life, after all, so it only makes sense to do your best to get as much as is reasonable out of the deal. Of course, the buyer on the other side of the table wants to get a good deal as well, so sound strategy and wise negotiating will be essential. This article is going to present some fundamental tips to help you sell with confidence. 


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Get Rid of Stuff

One of the best things you can do for the value of your home on the open market is also one of the easiest – get rid of stuff. You should significantly decrease the volume of stuff that is in your home when you get ready to put it on the market. This can be done by selling, donating, or throwing away things you no longer want, and you may also choose to move some of your things into a storage unit where they can be kept until the new home is ready for your family.


Add a Coat of Paint

Paint is affordable to purchase, and if you apply it yourself, the whole process might not cost more than a couple hundred dollars. Fresh paint helps a house to feel new, and you’ll quickly cover up any notable blemishes that the old paint had picked up over the years. When painting with the purpose of listing your house, choose neutral colors and target rooms that will be seen most prominently during showings.


Tend to the Landscaping

You don’t need to do anything dramatic with your landscaping in advance of listing your house for sale, but you don’t want the yard to be a mess, either. The name of the game here is making sure the property is neat and tidy, rather than covered with weeds and overgrowth. Spending a weekend just cleaning up your yard and the areas around the house will go a long way toward impressing potential buyers when they stop by to take a tour.


Tend to Minor Maintenance

The little things can make a big difference when trying to maximize the value of your home. It’s important to think about how much something will cost to repair as compared to how much it can boost the sale price in the end. Sometimes, small repairs can make a big difference.


For instance, if the knob on your front door is rattling or jiggling, consider replacing it with one in proper working order. That’s a very small investment in something that everyone who comes to tour the house is sure to notice. Go around the house and pick out any minor maintenance points that can be addressed promptly to make sure your home puts its best foot forward once showings begin.

The Top Home Buying Mistakes to Avoid: Learn from the Experts’ Experience

Published on March 24, 2023 by Smith Marketing

Buying a home is an exciting – and sometimes stressful – process. Given the amount of money on the line, this is not a decision that you want to get wrong. While there are a few mistakes that you could make along the way, learning from expert advice will help you steer clear of trouble and wind up with a house that you can love for years to come.


If you are shopping in Grandover Greensboro, which offers some of the best luxury homes Greensboro has to offer, Smith Marketing would make the ideal partner for your house search. Of course, Smith Marketing would be happy to serve you when looking elsewhere around the area as well, so reach out today to get started.

Ignoring Location

t’s been said so many times that it’s a cliché, but it’s repeated that often because it’s true – real estate is all about location, location, location. Simply put, you want to think first about where you want to live, and then you want to find a house in that area that suits your needs. The only thing you aren’t going to be able to change about a house after you move in is where it is located.

Many home buyers make the mistake of falling in love with a particular house and they wind up overlooking the location as a result. In the long run, you are going to care more about where the house is than anything else, so make that the primary focus of your search. Sure, you still need to find a house that you like and that fits your lifestyle, but it all starts with location.

Overlooking the Financial Component

This is a big transaction, and you don’t want to go into it casually in terms of financing. You should start working on the financial piece of the puzzle before you even think about shopping for houses in person. Nailing down exactly how much you can afford by working directly with a lender will give you much more confidence once you get out and start exploring some active listings.

Being Too Particular

The perfect house doesn’t exist. It’s easy to build up a fantasy in your mind about the ideal home that is in great condition and has every last feature you desire, but it’s unlikely that that place is on the market and ready for you to move in.

Don’t get hung up on looking for perfection. Make a list of the things that you want to find in a home, and compare the properties on the market to see which ones get the closest to hitting the mark on every point. If your list is long, it’s unlikely to find a home that checks off every box, but with a little bit of patience and perspective, you should be able to find a house that you’ll love living in for years to come that has almost everything you wanted.

REALTOR vs Real Estate Agent

Published on February 27, 2023 by Smith Marketing

When it comes to buying or selling real estate, you may have come across the terms “REALTOR” and “real estate agent.” While these terms are often used interchangeably, they do have distinct differences.

In short, all REALTORS are real estate agents, but not all real estate agents are REALTORS. This is because REALTORS are members of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), which is a professional organization that sets ethical and professional standards for its members.

So, what are some of the key differences between a REALTOR and a real estate agent?

Membership in a Professional Organization
As mentioned, the most significant difference between a REALTOR and a real estate agent is membership in a professional organization. A real estate agent may hold a license to sell real estate in their state or region, but they are not necessarily bound by a code of ethics or professional standards beyond what is required by law.

In contrast, REALTORS are bound by the NAR Code of Ethics, which sets forth ethical standards and guidelines for behavior in areas such as advertising, representation, and client confidentiality.

Use of the Term “REALTOR”
Only those who are members of the NAR can use the term “REALTOR” to describe themselves. This means that if you see someone advertising themselves as a REALTOR, you can be sure that they are a member of the NAR and bound by its Code of Ethics.

Additional Training and Education
While both real estate agents and REALTORS must meet the licensing requirements set by their state or region, REALTORS may also choose to pursue additional training and education through the NAR. This can include courses in areas such as property management, real estate finance, and real estate law.

Networking Opportunities
REALTORS may have access to a wider network of professionals in the real estate industry, including other REALTORS, appraisers, lenders, and attorneys. This can be beneficial when it comes to finding properties, marketing listings, and navigating complex transactions.

Marketing and Advertising
REALTORS may have access to additional marketing and advertising resources through the NAR. This can include access to professional photography, virtual tours, and social media marketing tools.

Reputation and Credibility
Being a member of the NAR and adhering to its Code of Ethics can help to build a REALTOR’s reputation and credibility in the industry. This can be especially important in competitive markets where clients are looking for someone they can trust to represent their interests.

Advocacy and Political Involvement
The NAR is involved in advocating for policies and legislation that support the real estate industry and homeownership. As a member of the NAR, a REALTOR may have the opportunity to be involved in these advocacy efforts and have a say in shaping the future of the industry.

So, Which One Should You Choose?

When it comes to choosing between a real estate agent and a REALTOR, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Ultimately, the most important factor is finding someone who is knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy.

If you are considering working with a real estate agent, be sure to ask about their licensing and qualifications, as well as their experience in your local market. If you are specifically looking for someone who is bound by a code of ethics and professional standards, you may want to consider working with a REALTOR.

Ultimately, the key is to do your research and choose someone who you feel confident can help you achieve your real estate goals.

In conclusion, while REALTORS and real estate agents have many similarities, the key difference lies in their membership in a professional organization and adherence to a code of ethics and professional standards. By understanding these differences, you can make an informed decision when choosing someone  to represent you in your real estate transaction. Whether you choose a real estate agent or a REALTOR, it’s important to work with someone who has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to help you navigate the often complex world of real estate.

Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that not all real estate transactions are the same. Depending on the type of property you are buying or selling, as well as your unique needs and circumstances, you may require a specific type of expertise or experience. For example, if you are buying or selling a luxury home, you may want to work with a REALTOR who specializes in high-end properties.

The most important thing is to find someone who you feel comfortable working with and who has your best interests in mind. Whether you choose a real estate agent or a Greensboro REALTOR, be sure to ask plenty of questions, do your research, and choose someone who you trust to guide you through the process.

Understanding Real Estate Cycles

Published on January 12, 2023 by Smith Marketing

The dynamics of the real estate market can be hard to understand. Like all markets, real estate is unpredictable and changes in market conditions can have profound impacts on the financial situations of millions of people. This article will take a closer look at cycles in the real estate market and what they mean for your buying and selling decisions.

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Four Distinct Categories

By the definition of the word “cycle”, we can already understand a little bit about this topic. Something that is cyclical moves through various repeating steps or stages, and the pattern of that movement tends to happen over and over again. While real estate doesn’t operate as an entirely authentic cycle, in that it isn’t perfectly repeatable, there are four cycle stages that are generally identified by economists that study markets that can be identified and monitored.

  • During this phase, measures of vacancy are declining and little new construction is taking place
  • This part of the cycle will see vacancy still declining but new construction taking place, as well
  • Here, vacancy is going up, and yet construction isn’t slowing down
  • Those new construction projects arrive on the market and vacancy goes up even further

While it can be helpful to monitor market conditions to see what phase is currently taking place, it can be hard – or nearly impossible – to figure out how long one phase is going to last before another takes hold.

Countless Variables

Much of the difficulty in terms of evaluating the cycle of the real estate market comes down to how many variables influence the behavior of the market. For example, interest rates have a strong impact here, with higher rates typically keeping people away from shopping for a new house. Also, the health of the economy as a whole plays an important role, since people having well-paying jobs are more likely to be able to purchase houses and other forms of real estate – meaning prices will probably rise over time.

Finding Your Place

Monitoring the cycles of the real estate market is only helpful if you are able to use this information to your advantage in some way. Different parts of the cycle present different opportunities for those who are positioned to jump into the market at just the right time. As an example, when the market is in a recession, buyers might be able to secure a great deal on a rental property to hold for the long term. Then, the cycles come back around and rents go up in the area, that property could become far more valuable than would have been indicated by the purchase price (since it was purchased in a recession when the market was down).


Thinking about making some real estate investment purchase, or just trying to decide when the time is right to buy your own home? Smith Marketing is ready to help, so get in touch today to learn more.

Factors That Influence Your Home Appraisal Value

Published on January 10, 2023 by Smith Marketing

When getting ready to sell a home, you naturally want that property to appraise for the highest possible value. This is a big opportunity to improve your ROI on your investment, especially if you have owned the property for years and have built up some equity along the way. Looking at other houses for sale will give you a starting point for how yours might be valued, by a proper appraisal is the most accurate approach.

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Market Conditions

This is the best place for this discussion to start. Simply put, the prevailing market conditions in your area are going to have a huge impact on how much your property is worth. The exact same property with no changes at all could be worth $200K in one market and $250K in another, for example. The appraisal will pay close attention to present market conditions and comparable properties that have sold recently in the area.

Size and Layout

Square footage is always going to play a big role in how much your home is worth, as well. Properties within a given area will generally sell within the same price-per-square-foot range as each other, with minor changes to that price point based on various other factors. For example, if a 1,000-square-foot home is valued at $200,000 in your area, a 1500-square-foot home may be valued at around $300,000, as that would maintain the same $200/square-foot price (or whatever the going rate happens to be).

In addition to raw square footage, the value will be impacted by how that space is divided. How many bedrooms are included in the design? Families that need four bedrooms may automatically rule out all three-bedroom layouts, meaning there will be less competition in the three-bedroom market. If all else is the same, a house with more bedrooms will usually sell for more than one with fewer bedrooms.

Age and Condition

Unlike most other things that are sold, age is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to a house. In fact, many buyers like the styling and charm of older homes, so the market for these types of properties can be quite strong. However, that charm will quickly fade away if the house is not in good condition and needs quite a bit of renovation work. So, the age and condition of the structure will be considered together to determine how much it is likely to be worth.

Location, Location, Location

The location will inevitably play a huge role in the homes’ value. Location not only relates to the big picture of what city and county the property is in, but also in the more narrow sense of how it is positioned within a neighborhood. For instance, a house that occupies lakefront property is going to be worth more than a house across the street that doesn’t have lake access.

Need help navigating the complicated real estate market? Turn to Smith Marketing today to get the professional guidance you desire.

What Realtors Do for Home Sellers

Published on January 5, 2023 by Smith Marketing

Selling your home is an exciting and intimidating process. There is a good chance that this sale will represent the largest amount of money you ever receive at one time in your life – so you want to be sure to get it right. Working with a licensed Realtor is one of the best ways to make that happen, and this article will highlight exactly what the best Realtors in Greensboro  have to bring to the table.

Putting Allen Tate Realtors on your side will make this a more enjoyable, and less stressful, process, so get in touch with the team today to learn more about how they can help you secure great offers for your property or help you find the next home for your family.

Determine a Value

One of the most important things to do when putting a property up for sale is to nail the listing price on the first try. It can be tricky on your own without the help of a Realtor to figure out how much to ask for your home. If you price it too low, you might wind up leaving money on the table – but overestimating the home’s value could leave you wanting for offers.

Teaming with a Realtor will make it easy to figure out how much you should ask for when the listing goes live. An active Realtor understands market conditions and will be able to use comparable sales in the recent past to establish a fair starting point for your home. That doesn’t mean you will sell the home for exactly that price, after all, but being on the mark will make strong, competitive bidding more likely.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

You want to make sure your house is ready for “showtime” when the listing goes up and people start to check it out. Your Realtor can help you make minor changes that might improve curb appeal and other factors while helping you avoid wasted spending on things that just don’t matter much in the end. Taking that little bit of extra time and effort can go a long way in the battle for the highest possible offer.

Getting the Word Out

Even with an accurate price and nice staging, your home isn’t going to sell unless people know how to find it. A Realtor with strong connections to the local market can promote the property to other Realtors so they can tell their clients to come see it in person before it sells. You might even work with a Realtor that has a strong online presence established and can use some digital marketing techniques to make sure the house is seen by as many interested parties as possible.

Closing the Deal

Accepting an offer and finalizing the sale of your home is a stressful time. There is a lot of money on the line and the paperwork needs to be finished up correctly to get it all done. Using a Realtor like those at Smith Marketing will put your mind at ease knowing that the little details will be handled properly and the transaction will be a success.

Realtor vs Real Estate Agent

According to the National Association of Realtors website, “REALTOR® is a federally registered collective membership mark which identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics.” 

Is the Real Estate Market Going to Crash?

Published on January 3, 2023 by Smith Marketing

It seems that everyone is always trying to predict the next real estate market crash. Of course, the market has experienced crash events previously, so everyone from agents to homeowners has a vested interest in determining when the next one is coming around. Is it about to happen? Can this type of event even be predicted? The article below will explore this important topic.

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The Simple Answer – Nobody Knows

No one knows accurately when, or even if, the real estate market is going to crash. If someone is telling you that the market will crash by a certain time, feel free to ignore them. It’s simply very difficult to predict such a complex market with precision. Sure, people can make guesses, and some of those guesses might wind up coming true, but that doesn’t mean that the predictor truly knew it was going to happen.

Think of it this way – if someone knew, for certain, that a real estate crash was imminent, that person would be able to become immensely wealthy by making the right investments in advance of that crash. The reason people don’t regularly become rich off of these events is because they are extremely hard to predict.

Change Your Thinking

It doesn’t really do any good to think about the possibility of a crash, as you simply won’t be able to know if it is going to happen. So, does that mean you should stay out of the real estate market entirely? Of course not. Rather than worrying so much about market conditions across the board, spend more time thinking about your personal situation and what move makes the most sense for you.

In other words, do you have the necessary down payment and income level to afford a suitable home in this market? Do you plan to stay in the same place for many years to come? If you’d like to set down roots, and your financial situation is appropriate for buying a house based on current pricing, considering home ownership is certainly worth your time.

A Long Game

Over the generations, owning a home has proven to be a reliable investment over the long term. That doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be bumps along the way. It’s entirely possible that the value of your home will go down at some point, and it will likely rise more often than it goes down. While there is never a guarantee of a positive return from any kind of investment, those who own a house for 10 or 20 years (or more) are typically quite pleased with the financial results of that decision.

Making a sound decision on a potential real estate purchase or sale comes down to thinking through your options and working with the right team. Contact Smith Marketing today to get started on this journey with an experienced real estate partner by your side.