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If you are interested in having a beautiful custom home and also desire to be environmentally friendly, then Precept homes is the custom home builder for you. When Precept builds your home, the team makes sure to choose the most environmentally-friendly materials and energy-efficient appliances to lessen the negative effects on the environment.

As an award-winning green home builder in Greensboro, NC Precept’s commitment to the environment and home craftsmanship ensures a positive impact on the world around you.

Green Home Building is the Way of the Future

Green home building is a method of building homes from materials supplies that are environmentally responsible. The result is an energy-efficient home that uses less natural resources and results in lower energy bills.

A sustainable home is a highly efficient home built with recycled or reclaimed materials such as aluminum, glass, tile, plastic, and lumber, using lighting fixtures and plumbing features that minimize water consumption, energy use, and other natural resources. It combines custom design with the installation of energy efficient appliances, windows, insulation, and roofing materials that consume less energy.

Why Home Buyers Build Green

Home buyers who choose to build green do so for the tremendous environmental benefits and the overall longstanding savings of owning an energy efficient home. In short, building green maximizes both economic and environmental function. Precept believes energy efficiency, fiscal responsibility, and timeless design are the cornerstones of green home building.

Award-Winning Green Home Builder in Greensboro, NC

Precept Construction operates as a green home builder in Greensboro, North Carolina. Its owner was the President of the Greensboro Builders Association in 2011 and the Past Chairman of the Triad Green Building Council and currently serves as a National Director for the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) and as a Board Member of the Greensboro Builders Association.

In addition to Precept’s remarkable involvement in the industry and community, it is the recipient of dozens of prestigious awards from the NAHB, Greensboro Builders Association, and Parade of Homes. Go green with Precept Construction by calling Smith Marketing of Allen Tate Realtors today at (336) 215-7800.

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