What Decreases Property Values the Most?

Perhaps the last thing you want to do as a property owner is take some kind of action that is going to decrease the value of the property you own. Making a choice that causes your property to decline in value on the open market would be a costly error that could change your financial future. This article will help you understand some of the things that you need to avoid to make sure your property value stays as high as possible moving forward.


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Declining Appearance

When selling a home, appearance matters. In general, the better the house looks, the more quickly it will get offers – and the higher those offers will be. If two houses go up for sale on the same block and have exactly the same stats in terms of square footage and bedrooms, you can be sure that the one that looks better will sell for the higher price (and will sell faster).


The appearance of your home can include many things, including interior and exterior paint, landscaping, and more. As you get ready to go into the selling process, take some time to look at how your home will appear to prospective buyers and upgrade any areas that seem to be run down. Even just a fresh coat of paint or a few hours of work on the lawn and garden could make a world of difference.


Repairs in Waiting

You’ll certainly be looking at a lower sale price if your home has things that need to be fixed right away when someone new moves in. Having these things fixed ahead of time – like problems with the HVAC system, for example – is going to be well worth it and will make the selling process much easier.


Problems in the Kitchen and Bathrooms

It’s commonly said that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, and that is almost certainly true (along with the location of the house). People spend a lot of time daily in these two spaces, so they want them to be as nice as possible. You don’t necessarily have to go through a whole kitchen or bathroom renovation to sell your house for a good price, but you do want to address any obvious issues that are going to cause people to pause and think twice about making an offer.


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