What are MLS Listings in Greensboro?

An MLS listing in Greensboro allows real estate agents access to a multitude of information for homes and buildings available within a geographical region to help home buyers or sellers find the property of their dreams.

MLS listings, also known as a multiple listing service, enables real estate agents to find properties (including land and homes) within a geographical region. While most may assume that it is simply a database of homes or land for sale, it actually is a set of services that provide critical information for narrowing the search for a home or help in identifying the appropriate value of a home. Designed in the late 1800s, the MLS service combines all the different pieces of information that realtors need for assisting buyers and sellers in today’s markets.

MLS Listings Are Private and Help Your Realtor to Find Your Perfect Home

While some information from the MLS listing may be available on other sites, the MLS listing is a private database service that is only available to licensed realtors and combines all the pieces of information they need in one service. This helps your realtor to narrow down the choices that you are most interested in based on educational services, prices, neighborhoods, medical services, etcetera.

For example, a young couple may want to choose a neighborhood that is kid friendly and has excellent schools versus a senior couple that may be more interested in choosing a home in a neighborhood that offers more activities for seniors. The MLS listing service helps your realtor narrow down the locations based on these parameters. This means you save time by looking at the homes that fit your demands and stay within your budgetary restrictions.

Of course for homeowners that are trying to sell their homes, the MLS listing service is even more critical because it is a way for realtors to help sell your home. First, the MLS listing gives important information for composing the comparative market analysis. This analysis identifies what similar properties in your area sold for and allows you to set the best price possible for your home. Once you set the price, then you have to get the home information in front of the most buyers as possible.

In today’s markets, with so many homes on the market, the MLS listings can be extremely valuable. Instead of simply placing a “For Sale” on your lawn, your home is listed within the database that is accessed by thousands of other realtors and their clientele. By listing the home in the MLS, more potential buyers have access to your home’s information and price.

Regardless of whether you are looking to buy a home or wanting to sell your existing home, Allen Tate Realtors utilize the MLS listings for Greensboro, providing you the keys to helping achieve your dream. We have over 27 years of successful real estate experience in the Triad area. To plan your next home purchase or to sell your home, call us today at (336) 215-7880 and get started on this wonderful journey.