What Adds the Most Value to a Property?

As a property owner, you are likely always looking for ways to boost what your property is worth. Your home may be the most valuable thing that you own, so adding to the value of this asset – even by just a percentage point or two – can make a big difference in your finances. So, what is it that is going to add the most value to your property? The article below will take a closer look.


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Get Rid of the Clutter

This one almost seems too good to be true, as it doesn’t take any investment and only modest effort to see results on this point. By decluttering your home before it is time to sell, you will make the space feel dramatically bigger, and prospective buyers will have an easier time seeing themselves moving into the house. Of course, you don’t have to be ready to sell to benefit from cleaning out the clutter, as doing so can help you in terms of stress reduction, lowered anxiety, and more. The clutter has to go!


Consider Some Fresh Paint

Paint is not expensive, especially if you are able to do it yourself. By adding fresh paint, you’ll make the space look and feel newer, even though you’ll only have spent a small amount of time and money on the project. If you are doing the painting with the idea of selling the house in the near future, make it a point to pick neutral colors that aren’t going to send anyone running in the other direction. Play it safe with your design choices to keep as many people as possible in your pool of prospective buyers.


Pick Up the Curb Appeal

Another way to give your property value a boost without investing a lot of money into the process is upgrading the curb appeal through better landscaping. Improving landscaping doesn’t have to require a major redesign or an expensive team of professionals – it might be as simple as keeping the grass in good condition and making sure the flower beds are weeded.


Add Useful Square Footage

To make a big move toward having a more valuable property, you could hire a contractor to complete an addition to the home. Of course, this is going to be more expensive than the other ideas discussed above, but it can more than pay off in the long run when you get ready to sell the home and it has more useful square footage than it did previously. Of course, there are zoning and code restrictions to keep in mind here, so do your homework before planning to go ahead with this endeavor.


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