Top Home Buying Mistakes to Avoid

There is no denying the pressure that comes along with buying a house. It can be a stressful time, as it’s something you only do a few times in your life – and maybe you’ve never done it before. In this post, you’ll find some fundamental buying mistakes to avoid so you can keep this process on track and come away with a home that you absolutely love.


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Failing to Get Preapproved

One of the worst things you can do in this process is to start shopping for a home before understanding exactly what you can afford. Sure, you might use an online calculator tool to estimate what your budget could be, but that’s not the same thing as actually getting preapproved for a certain amount with a lender. Do this step first so you can shop and make offers with confidence.


Being Too Stringent

Yes, buying a home is a big purchase, and you want to get something that you like and is going to work for you and your family. With that said, the perfect house almost certainly isn’t out there, and you are shopping for real estate in the real world. Compromises are a part of life, and you need to set realistic expectations from the start. Remember to focus on the things that really matter, such as finding a house that is in an area that you like and has enough space for your family to live comfortably. Other things like the color of the walls, the condition of some of the fixtures, or other minor points can all be changed later on once you get moved in.


Thinking You Can Ignore Market Conditions

No one is above the market when buying a house. You are going to be playing within the conditions that are set by the market currently, and there isn’t anything you can do about it. So, if the market has a lot of buyers and few properties available, it’s likely that you’ll need to pay at least the asking price, if not more for the property that you want to buy. Making low-ball offers in an effort to get a super deal might result in frustration and lengthen the time it takes to find a home that works for you and your family.


Waiting Until You Can Put 20% Down

It’s great to have a large downpayment for the purchase, but realistically, not all buyers actually reach the mythical 20% mark. Plenty of loan options are available for buyers who have less than 20% to spend on a downpayment, so don’t let this issue hold you back from starting to shop for a great house.


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