Tips on Helping the Kids Adjust to a New Home Environment

A move can be hard on everyone, to different degrees, depending on age and personality. It seems that some kids adjust easily, while others need a little help coping with so much change. Be understanding and most of all, be available to help them sort through their feelings as well as their belongings. It helps to take things slowly and prepare them for each step from the very beginning when you first start looking at homes in Greensboro. Follow these tips on helping kids adjust to a new home.

  1. Try to Keep a Similar Routine. This is not always easy, which is why the key word in this tip is “try.” Even if the overall routine is off, fit some normal elements of the old routine into life in your new home. Have dinner together at the table even if it’s just takeout because the pots and pans are still in boxes. Keep the bedtime routine the same and make sure a few favorite things are accessible such as books and stuffed animals.
  2. Be Available. Sometimes you may have to put the unpacking aside and spend quality time with the kids. It’s not easy to let go of the need to organize and get everything put away. There will be time for that, but in the meantime, be there to offer the reassurance your child may need along the way.
  3. Get Them Involved. There are always jobs that kids can do from small to large to help with the unpacking and settling in. When kids participate in the process they feel more involved and may start to feel at home much faster.
  4. Allow Them to Make Choices. Kids feel empowered when they are allowed to make some of their own decisions. Let them choose how to arrange their bedrooms, where to put the furniture and toys. Allow them to choose new bedroom décor or even paint colors to make their space feel more their own.
  5. Focus on the Positive. If someone is feeling a little down about the move, try and point out the positive things about the new house and neighborhood. Remind them of the extra yard space or the basement playroom or even the proximity to something they enjoy like a park. Once they start to focus on the good things about the new place, they will miss the old home less.

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