The Colors of Home – How Your Interior Color Palette Influences Buyers

When selling a home, you don’t want to overlook even the smallest of details. Sure, big points like the size and square footage of a home are going to play a primary role in how quickly the house sells and for how much, but there are plenty of other factors involved, as well. This article will look at one of those other factors – the colors of the home – and how they might play into the selling process.


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Embracing Tradition

When picking colors that you think will help to attract buyers and sell your home, you need to think first about the market you are in and what people are likely to want and expect. In the Greensboro area, many of the properties are more traditional in nature and have a timeless approach to décor. The bright and trendy colors and styles that might play well in other parts of the country – specifically, bigger metropolitan areas – aren’t going to be such a hit in other areas. Stay true to the market that you are serving and you will be far more likely to have a deal sooner rather than later.


Soft Shades Rule the Day

Most likely, you’ll want to go with some softer shades when painting walls or adding staging touches that will be on display when you list the house. You want to make sure that potential buyers can picture themselves living comfortably in the space right from the start, even if you’ll be taking most or all of those decorations with you. Pastel shades tend to work well when aiming for a traditional look, but you could opt to get the help of a professional designer to make sure your selections are on track or check with your real estate agent to get valuable input. If you are working with an experienced Realtor such as those at Smith Marketing, they will have a very good handle on what is currently popular and more importantly what to avoid. 


Always Play It Safe

Getting a house ready to sell is not the time to take bold chances with your design decisions. Rather, you want to play it down the middle and try to create a look that is going to appeal to as many people as possible. When decorating your own house that you are going to live in for many years to come, you can feel free to take whatever risks you want with the design and opt for bold colors and styles. That’s not an approach that is likely to pay off on the market, however, so play it safe – even if it feels a bit boring – and make sure every buyer feels welcome so you can have the biggest possible pool of bidders.


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