Space Saving Tips to Accommodate your Growing Family

Is your family starting to outgrow your house? When you bought it, it probably seemed plenty big until the first baby was born. You could adjust then, shift things around. Then the second baby came along and now you’re running out of room. It’s possible to create the illusion of more space with some strategies for small homes. A few adjustments can go a long way in making a small home feel more spacious. Try these tips before listing your house for sale in the Greensboro area. You may buy yourself a bit more time in your current home.

  1. Maximize vertical space. Whenever possible, go up. If you’re out of floor space you can make more room using bunk beds, lofts, and high shelves. Create more play space for the kids by bunking them in the same room at night and turning the other bedroom into a playroom. Or keep the kids in their own rooms but get lofts so that they can have additional play space underneath. Throughout the home, store frequently used items down low for convenience and other items on higher shelves.
  2. Minimize clutter. Sort and purge. Keep only things that are used often. Get rid of old or broken toys and clothes that don’t fit or haven’t been worn in a long time. Clear out any unnecessary furniture. The less stuff you have, the bigger your home feels.
  3. Get organized. Organize the stuff you have left after the purge into convenient storage areas. Label storage containers well so that stuff is more likely to end up back in the correct place and you can find things when you need them. Your home will seem larger when everything has a place and is returned to its designated place after use.
  4. Use décor to your advantage. There are lots of ways that interior décor can make your home seem larger than it really is. Paint colors, mirrors, patterns, furniture styles, and more can all go a long way to opening up a home. Tons of ideas exist out there, so do your own research or hire an interior decorator. Not only will this make your home seem more spacious, it could make it more attractive when you do list your house for sale in Greensboro.
  5. Get a bigger home. Sometimes the only thing to do is to upgrade to a bigger home. Depending on the size of your family and home, you may not have any space left to save. If you’ve tried the tips above and still feel cramped, it may be time to start checking out the housing market.

Smith Marketing and Allen Tate Realtors® Can Help You Upgrade Homes Easily

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