Security Questions to Consider When Buying a New Home

Buying a home is a big financial decision. When you make such an important purchase, you want to make sure it is well protected. There are some security questions you should ask about any home you consider, whether you’re looking at single family homes or luxury townhomes in Greensboro.

Is there a security system in place?
A security monitoring system is a valuable feature in any home. It adds extra safety and security while you are in the home and when you are not. The sign alone will deter many burglars before they even consider breaking into a home. If the alarm is set off and the security monitoring center can’t get ahold of you, the police are called to the scene. Security systems can also monitor for fire and call the nearest fire department if a smoke detector goes off.

What locking mechanisms are in place?
Do all the doors have high-quality locks and deadbolts? Do the windows all lock adequately? Make sure there aren’t any security risks like back doors or windows that don’t properly lock. These areas are easy targets for burglars looking for entry.

Is there adequate outdoor lighting?
Street lights as well as outdoor lighting around the home goes a long way in terms of security. Motion lights are one of the best security options, as burglars will likely flee if a light comes on.

Who has access to the neighborhood?
Is the community gated or open to the public? A gated community has an extra security measure, as only residents of the neighborhood or visitors with security clearance will be allowed in. Typically, there is a keypad entry system and residents are all given their own personal access code. If the neighborhood is open to the public, is there a neighborhood watch group in place? Just neighbors taking turns monitoring the neighborhood can go a long way toward improving security.

What is the crime rate in the neighborhood?
Check the overall crime rate for the neighborhood. There are many different websites available for checking the level of crime in an area, or you can contact local law enforcement. Do your research and make sure the neighborhood is safe before buying a home there.

Is there a history of crime at the home?
You can search even deeper and get the crime information on the home you are considering. Contact local authorities and ask the neighbors if there have ever been any incidents at the home. Sometimes a home’s history can continue to be a problem for new owners.

Live the Good Life in Luxury Townhomes in Greensboro

The very nature of townhomes makes them more secure than single family homes. Close proximity to neighbors makes it much more difficult for crime to occur. Many luxury townhomes in Greensboro are located in safe communities where neighbors look out for neighbors, street lights are abundant, and homes are equipped with safety features. Contact Smith Marketing today to inquire about availability in the most desirable townhome communities in Greensboro: (336) 215-7880.