Property for Sale in Greensboro: Finding the Right Lot for You

The last several years have seen more transitions in the real estate market than perhaps ever before. If you are doing a property search in Greensboro, then you should be aware of all the possibilities and the resources available to help you do so in the most efficient way possible. Here’s is what you need to consider.

Getting an Overview of Property for Sale in Greensboro

The miracle of technology now allows you to do a property search in Greensboro from the comfort of your own home, so you can get a really accurate idea of all the different choices available to you without spending endless hours driving around looking at places you would never consider. But before you get too specific with your filters, don’t dismiss anything out of hand. Here are the basic options you should at least take a quick look at before trying to narrow down your list.

  • Custom Build or Resale: Custom built homes allow you to get very close to what you consider your dream home to be, but you may not want to take the time or go through the process. While an existing property for sale in Greensboro might not be exactly what you were looking for, it may be close enough, and you will be able to move in more quickly. Sometimes, builders will even construct spec homes, so you get the best of both worlds: a newly built home that is ready to move into.
  • Yards or Zero Lots: Big back yards can be great, for kids or entertaining, but they do require maintenance. Consider your actual needs, is it really just a patio you would like for unwinding at the end of the day? Because even zero lots often provide these, with just enough room to add beautiful landscaping. Even if you have children, communities with zero lot homes often have playgrounds, perhaps a home near one would meet your needs just fine. If you definitely want a large yard, then limit your property search in Greensboro with a minimum lot size.

Details of Property for Sale in Greensboro

Once you’ve made a decision about the type of home you want, or even if you’ve decided to keep an open mind, you will then want to get into the specifics of your dream home. And it is absolutely amazing just how specific you can get with a property search in Greensboro. Of course, you probably know how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, but here are some other filters some tools will allow you to enter.

  • Square Footage, Both House & Lot: Whether you want a big yard or you don’t, narrow your results to listings that match your preference. If you know you want 4 bedrooms, you may want to enter a minimum square footage, so you aren’t looking at floor plans you consider far too cramped.
  • Features: How many cars do you need to garage? What type of heating and cooling or energy efficiency do you require? Do you only want to see houses more than 50 years old or built within the last five? Would you absolutely love to have a fireplace in the master bedroom? Then look at those first. The right tools can give you all of these filters.
  • Location: If you have your heart set on one particular development, or school district, then make sure to choose a website tool that will allow you to narrow your listings results accordingly.

Buying the Right Property for Sale in Greensboro

If you are a first-time buyer or just trying to make everything as simple as possible, you will want to choose a real estate company that is as full service as possible. If you are looking at both resales and new builds, you will want one that is comfortably familiar with both. Bonus points for tools that provide excellent property search in Greensboro.

Smith Marketing has been actively involved with the development of many communities in Greensboro. Their team is knowledgeable and experienced with all types of property for sale in Greensboro. The advanced property search tool on their website is one of the most detailed on the internet, enabling you to get results that are limited to exactly what you are looking for. Call (336) 215-7880 so they can help you find the property for sale in Greensboro that is perfect for you.