Properties for Sale in Greensboro Have Curb Appeal with Flowers

Warm weekend weather invites home buyers to visit open houses and drive through desirable neighborhoods to find property for sale in Greensboro. Homes with a nice curb appeal have a welcoming quality that lets potential buyers know that the home was well cared for by the owners. If gardening is not your specialty, and the thought of going to a gardening center is too overwhelming, there are some beautiful flowering plants that thrive around here that require little care.

At Smith Marketing, we encourage home sellers to take extra care of their exterior features and yards when putting their home on the market. It helps to draw more interest from potential home buyers who are out driving around, looking for homes for sale.

Brighten Properties for Sale with Flowers

What are some of the best plants to buy if you do not have a green thumb? At, the following plants were listed as being easy to grow and maintain, according to the owner of Bates Nursery, David Bates, a horticulturist at Home Depot and David Cook, a UT Extension service agent:

  • “The garden experts agree that sun-loving lantana is hard to beat, with a variety of colors and a low- maintenance profile that allows it to do well even next to hot pavement in spots like parking lots.
  • If you have a trellis or a place for a climbing plant in the sun, Mandevilla is a great choice. If it’s in the sun and you water it, it’s “hard to mess up,” Bates said.
  • Hibiscus got a thumbs up from my experts. The plant comes in lots of colors and does great in full sun. Plus, hibiscus can tolerate shade although the shade will minimize the flower count.
  • Wave petunias also were highly recommended because of the prolific flower production and the fact that unlike other petunias, they don’t have to be deadheaded.
  • Stella D’Oro daylilies (a golden-yellow day lily) are perennials that are easy to grow and flower off and on all summer long.”
  • Coreopsis is another full-sun perennial that does very well. But it blooms in late spring and early summer, so the flowers don’t last all season.
  • Angelonia is a good bet with its purple, white or pink spiky flowers that bloom all summer in the sun.
  • If you want cut flowers, zinnias are a good pick. They need full sun and good drainage, but after that, you could be cutting flowers all summer.
  • Cook said annual periwinkle is easy to grow in most any sunny location and has flowers that are white, pink or violet that bloom all summer and are “both drought- and heat-tolerant.”

It’s easy to find lantana and petunias this time of year, and you can make a colorful statement with a variety of easy to grow flowers mentioned above. If you are listing your home for sale in Greensboro during the months of April – June, it is great to know that a lot of the flowers that are on this list will bloom the entire summer. From deep violets to golden yellows, there are numerous choices that will brighten up the landscape surrounding your home, without a lot of effort or time.

Property Sellers Can Have Long-Lasting Flowers

Once you have planted your flowers, there are some tips to follow to ensure that they will last a long time and stay healthy:

  • “Choose the right plants: sun-loving plants for sunny spots and shade plants for the shade.
  • Make sure your soil is properly prepared. Get a good potting mix for containers or mix potting soil or organic material in with your dirt if you are planting in the ground. David Bates, owner of Bates Nursery, said having improper soil is the biggest mistake home gardeners tend to make.
  • Be ready to water in some cases once a day, and in the heat of the mid-summer, maybe two times a day. The preferred method for watering is to thoroughly soak the plants when you water, instead of just dumping a cup of water on them more often.”

Finding the best location for your plants will provide them with the right amount of sun or shade each day. Invest in a good potting mix when you plant and make sure to water the flowering plants daily. Prepare for home buyers by pretending to be in their footsteps, noticing plants and trees in your yard for the first time. First impressions can make a difference, so it is a wise investment to plant colorful, easy-to-grow flowering plants in your yard. If you have a potential property for sale in Greensboro and would like to find out more about our realty services, contact Smith Marketing, Inc. at 336-215-7880.