New Homeowner’s Checklist: 10 Things you should do Immediately

After looking at luxury homes for sale in the Greensboro area, you’ve finally closed and become a new homeowner. The buying process is over, but the work is not done just yet. Here are ten things you should do immediately upon moving into your new home.

1.      Change your locks and keypads.

Changing your locks and keypads should be top priority once you have purchased your new home. You can never be sure how many copies were made by the previous owners, who has them, and who might be willing to try to get inside. To be safe, install new exterior locks and deadbolts, and reprogram any keypads and garage door openers.

2.      Make copies and store all of your home documents in a safe.

You should have copies of everything you signed when you closed on your new home. Keep these files safe by purchasing a fireproof safe and placing these files inside for security and reference.

3.      Update your address.

Remember to update your address through the United States Postal Service online and with important people such as family, doctors, schools, and work. You will also need to update your address on your driver’s license within sixty days of moving into your new home.

4.      Perform a deep cleaning.

Things might look okay on the surface, but performing a deep cleaning will make things look, smell, and feel better. Many luxury homefs for sale in Greensboro have hosted open houses, and most likely your home has as well at some point. Consider how many people walk through them. Those carpets need a thorough cleaning, the windows need washing, and the bathrooms and kitchen should be disinfected. It’s a great idea to hire a professional cleaning service for a move-in cleaning.

5.      Freshen up the interior with new paint.

Part of your deep cleaning process might be to freshen up the interior with a new coat of paint. Now is a great time for a color palette change if it’s something you’d been considering.

6.      Check the HVAC system.

Run the air conditioner or the heater to be sure that everything is working properly. Have your local HVAC company come out and do a full inspection and perform maintenance on the system.

7.      Make a maintenance list.

Every new homeowner has a “Honey Do List” of those little things you want to do to make the home yours, and you will most likely begin one immediately. Whether these are tasks you plan to handle yourself or ones that will require a professional, keep a written list and check them off as they are completed. Keep this list in a noticeable spot, as a reminder, such as the refrigerator.

8.      Check the thermostat.

If your new home doesn’t have one, consider having a programmable thermostat installed to cut down on energy costs. These thermostats can increase and decrease the home’s temperature automatically, based on your set requirements. For example, in the summer, you can set the thermostat to a warmer temperature while you’re at work, and set it to cool down just in time for you to arrive home.

9.      Introduce yourself.

Your neighbors may or may not come over to welcome you to the neighborhood, but don’t be afraid to go over and introduce yourself. It can be reassuring to go visit your closest neighbors, let them know you just moved in, and ask questions about the community and surrounding area. And you may even make some new friends.

10.  Add some curb appeal.

Tidy up the exterior of your new home; add some plants and flowers, and give your mailbox a fresh coat of paint. The outside of your home is what people immediately see, and a home with nice curb appeal has a more welcoming feel.

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