Multi-Generational Living: Tips for Making Everyone Happy

Living in a household with multiple generations can be hard, but it can also be a wonderful experience for everyone. All families are unique and no family is exactly like another. Consequently, each family has unique needs in a home. If you’re in search of luxury homes for sale in Greensboro that can comfortably house a multi-generational family, here are some tips on what features to look for.

Accessible Design can Accommodate Family Members of all Ages and Abilities

Look for an open floor plan and wide doorways for easy maneuverability of wheelchairs as well as strollers. Consider bathrooms with curbless entry showers with handheld shower heads and low or floating vanities for seated use. The kitchen should also be accessible to all, with an open design and low counters. Look for single level homes or those with an elevator or stair lift. Entry into the home should also be wheelchair accessible from at least one entrance, but preferably more for independent exit in case of a fire.

Separate Living Areas for Privacy

Sometimes homes are designed for more than one family or generation by having a separate complete living area on another level of the home, such as the basement or a finished apartment over a garage. Complete with bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living area, this apartment can be ideal for an older couple or another family. It can be helpful if the apartment has a separate exterior entrance, such as a basement on split level home so that coming and going doesn’t disturb others. If too much privacy is a concern, such as with aging family members that need a lot of assistance, consider installing an intercom, emergency alert system, or even a monitoring system for safety.

Look for Homes with Potential for Remodeling

Just because a home is not already designed for multi-generational living, doesn’t mean it can’t be adapted. Many homes have unfinished basements or open spaces that could be remodeled to accommodate aging parents, adult children, or a cousin who needs help getting back on his feet. And even when these areas are not being lived in permanently, they are ideal for guests and family when they come to visit. Just be sure to choose a remodeling contractor with experience designing and building fully accessible home additions to be sure every needed accommodation is made for ease of living.

Find Luxury Homes for Sale in Greensboro that are Designed for Multi-Generational Living

When multi-generational living is the number one criteria in your home search, you need a real estate agent that can help you find homes that meet your needs. Smith Marketing agents listen carefully to what you’re looking for in a home and work diligently to help you find homes that have your priority features. Multi-generational families living under one roof is becoming more common and as a result, it’s easier to find luxury homes for sale in Greensboro that are designed accordingly. Call Smith Marketing today and get an experienced agent on the hunt for a home that meets your family’s needs: (336) 215-7880.