Masterpiece Kitchens: Inspiring Designs for High-End Homes

It’s been said so much that it’s basically a cliché at this point – the kitchen is the heart of the home. That phrase is often repeated because it is so true. The kitchen tends to be the hub of activity in the house, whether it is stopping for breakfast in the morning before rushing out the door or coming home and working together as a family to prepare a meal. And, of course, when you have people over for a party, the kitchen tends to be where everyone gathers to chat and snack.


If you are building or purchasing a new home in the Greensboro area, you’ll want to make sure the kitchen meets your expectations. This article will look at some of the great elements of kitchen design that you will see in high-end homes for sale


Make Appliances the Star

One approach to high-end kitchen design that has seemingly picked up popularity in recent years is to make kitchen appliances the focal point of the layout. This means using a massive refrigerator, a large stove/range, and more. Not only will the appliances be big, but they will come from an upscale brand that puts a lot of effort into the design of their products so they look natural in a luxury home. Of course, in addition to the visual appeal of big, bold appliances, you’ll also have the benefit of getting to use them regularly and enjoying the capabilities they provide.


Bring in Nature

With the number of features that are included in the standard kitchen, natural light sometimes falls victim and only a small window or two are included in the layout. For a high-end home, however, you don’t want to close off the outside world – especially if you have a nice view that is waiting to be enjoyed just on the other side of the wall. A large set of windows that open up the space and make it an attractive place to spend time is a nice design addition to any luxury kitchen.


Open Shelving

Another trend in kitchens in recent years is open shelving. With open shelves, you can display some of your cookware, plates, glassware, and other items that are too pretty to be tucked away. Of course, since this is going to be a big kitchen, you can still reserve some space for traditional cabinets, leaving you with a nice blend of hidden storage and open shelves for display and easy access.


Modern and Minimal

Just because a kitchen is large and upscale doesn’t mean it needs to be crowded with as many items as will fit in the space. A design that emphasizes clean lines and allows a few key elements to shine through will likely look very modern and high-end.


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