Landscaping Ideas For Curb Appeal Through All Four Seasons

Homebuyers looking at homes for sales in Greensboro, NC have probably noticed that Greensboro homeowners work hard to give their homes great curb appeal. Maintaining an attractive home and keeping up curb appeal throughout the year is important to Greensboro homeowners. These days homeowners are getting very creative when it comes to using technology in order to create beautiful landscaping and use personal touches in their landscaping that redefine the outside spaces of their homes. Some of the most popular elements that homeowners are using to make their home look great all year long are:

Unique Lighting Touches Show Off Your Yard’s Unique Features

White lights are a landscaping staple because they look great all year long and can transition effortlessly throughout the seasons. Homeowners can personalize their lighting by using solar lights that stake into the ground in patterns around walkways, paths, and other areas if they want to avoid traditional holiday looking strings of white lights. Floating solar lights also look beautiful in a fish pond, fountain, or water element. Colored lights add personality to the landscaping of your home but if you’re going to use colors use neutral colors so that your yard doesn’t look like it’s ready for the winter holidays in the middle of summer.

Water Features Give Your Landscaping An Elegant Boost

Water features are another classic element that can make the landscaping of any home really pop from the street. Pretty fountains, manmade ponds and streams, and fish ponds are not that difficult to put in and will add a lot of personality to your yard. Water features also help create beautiful outdoor seating areas that your family and friends will love to spend time in.

Colorful Plants And Shrubs Add Seasonal Colors

By carefully coordinating the colors of the bushes, plants, trees and shrubs that they plants homeowners can create colorful and beautiful foliage that changes with the seasons. In the spring choosing bright flowering plants in pinks, whites, blues, and purples will give your home a festive and appropriate spring look. Choose yellow, red, and white flowering plants for the summer so that the colors will really pop against the green lawn and green foliage that is everywhere in the summer. Daisies, roses, peonies, and other blooming flowers are perfect for the summer months if you want your landscaping to be seasonal but also bright and colorful.

In the fall you should choose flowers and shrubs that bloom in muted colors that will blend with the colors of the fall leaves. Chrysanthemums and mums that bloom in rusty red, dusky orange, and muted yellow create a beautiful fall color palette. When winter arrives and brings with it gray skies and snow you should have green plants and yellow, red, and other neutral color ornamental grasses and plants in your yard. That will give the landscaping of your home a seasonal twist that is also holiday decoration ready and will blend with your Christmas lights and decorations.

If you are looking for home for sale in Greensboro, NC and you want to see some gorgeous four season ready landscaping give us a call today.