What Keeps a Home from Selling?

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If you’re conducting a property search in Greensboro for a new home, but your current home has been on the market a while and isn’t selling fast enough, you may be asking yourself why isn’t my home selling? Besides from uncontrollable market conditions, there are some things that you can control which impact your home sale.

Make a Good First Impression for Your Property with Photos

Poor photos leave a bad first impression. Incorrect lighting can make your rooms and home appear less attractive. Bad photo angles can impact the size and appearance of your home. Too few photos can leave a potential buyer displeased and disinterested.

Make sure your photos are taken in good lighting, with attractive angles, and that there are plenty of them. Don’t leave them hanging with too few, or poor, pictures.

Examine Your Home’s Competition with a Local Property Search in Greensboro

You know there are other homes that are selling in your area, so what are they doing that you aren’t? Find out. Take a look at houses for sale in Greensboro and the surrounding area. Perform property searches in Greensboro to find recently sold homes.

Review other online listings and check out their photographs, their exteriors, and their interiors. Compare them to yours. You’ll likely find missing factors that you can implement into your home sale strategy.

Be Sure You are Using the Right Advertising Platforms for Selling a Home

If your home isn’t noticeably for sale, or isn’t marketed effectively, potential buyers may be unaware of your house. Open houses should be held frequently, marketing materials should be sent out and posted on social media, and feedback should be obtained from interested, or disinterested parties.

Is Your Property Priced to Sell?

Everyone wants to make as much as they can when selling their home. There are fees to be paid, and closing costs or a down payment on your next home to consider. But none of that will happen if you don’t price your home to sell.

Your price has to be reasonable and comparable to homes in your area. Your real estate agent will be able to provide a list of comparable sales in your area, and you can perform a property search in Greensboro to locate them as well.

Additionally, you can search to see what the average listing price is on similar homes. Compare the number of rooms, updates, and location to get an accurate idea. Price is the most important thing when selling. Buyers aren’t likely to come to a showing if the price is higher than corresponding homes in the area.

Sell Your Home Quickly with Help from the Experts

Selling your home takes as much effort as buying a home. Stay informed of your current market, the house pricing, and your home’s worth.

Selling your home means you are one step closer to buying a new one. If your home has been on the market for a lengthy period, or you need additional information and help selling it, call an award winning team of experts ready to help you with your home buying and selling experience. If you would like more information or help selling your home, call Jason Smith at 336-451-4921 or Jeff Smith at 336-663-1320 today.