How to Maximize Your Home’s Value in Greensboro’s Competitive Market

Everyone wants to get top dollar when they sell their home. This might be the largest financial transaction of your life, after all, so it only makes sense to do your best to get as much as is reasonable out of the deal. Of course, the buyer on the other side of the table wants to get a good deal as well, so sound strategy and wise negotiating will be essential. This article is going to present some fundamental tips to help you sell with confidence. 


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Get Rid of Stuff

One of the best things you can do for the value of your home on the open market is also one of the easiest – get rid of stuff. You should significantly decrease the volume of stuff that is in your home when you get ready to put it on the market. This can be done by selling, donating, or throwing away things you no longer want, and you may also choose to move some of your things into a storage unit where they can be kept until the new home is ready for your family.


Add a Coat of Paint

Paint is affordable to purchase, and if you apply it yourself, the whole process might not cost more than a couple hundred dollars. Fresh paint helps a house to feel new, and you’ll quickly cover up any notable blemishes that the old paint had picked up over the years. When painting with the purpose of listing your house, choose neutral colors and target rooms that will be seen most prominently during showings.


Tend to the Landscaping

You don’t need to do anything dramatic with your landscaping in advance of listing your house for sale, but you don’t want the yard to be a mess, either. The name of the game here is making sure the property is neat and tidy, rather than covered with weeds and overgrowth. Spending a weekend just cleaning up your yard and the areas around the house will go a long way toward impressing potential buyers when they stop by to take a tour.


Tend to Minor Maintenance

The little things can make a big difference when trying to maximize the value of your home. It’s important to think about how much something will cost to repair as compared to how much it can boost the sale price in the end. Sometimes, small repairs can make a big difference.


For instance, if the knob on your front door is rattling or jiggling, consider replacing it with one in proper working order. That’s a very small investment in something that everyone who comes to tour the house is sure to notice. Go around the house and pick out any minor maintenance points that can be addressed promptly to make sure your home puts its best foot forward once showings begin.