How Important is Staging When Selling a Home?

Selling your home requires a lot of steps. You need to get it cleaned up and organized, pick the right selling price, and fill out the listing agreement. Another step that you can consider to help sell your home faster than ever before is staging. Some of the reasons that staging is so important when selling your home includes:

• Helps the buyer connect emotionally: Staging a home helps to showcase the engaging elements of the home, which can help the buyer connect emotionally to the home. Once the buyer is engaged, they are more likely to purchase the home, perhaps for an even higher amount.
• Increases the perceived value: Staging helps you to minimize the negatives of the home while accentuating the good stuff. This gives off the best impression in the home right from the beginning, which makes the buyer fall in love with it more than before. Working with professional staging will make your home look so good, you may want to stay!
• Helps the buyer visualize the home: Homes that are vacant may be clean, but many buyers do not like to look at vacant homes. Homes that are filled and staged tend to engage with the buyer more and will get more attention. Staging will help the buyer visualize how their furniture will work with that particular space and whether the home will match their lifestyle.
• Creates the best online images: The more images that you can put online for buyers to look at, the more engagement you will get. Nearly 99% of millennial home buyers, and many in other age groups, will start their home search online. This means that you need the best pictures, and as many of them, as possible to even get the buyer in the home. Staged homes often provide better pictures compared to empty ones.

The statistics show that staging, while it will cost a bit of money upfront, is going to be a great investment in getting the home sold. It will often cost less than the first price reduction if the home doesn’t sell as quickly as you would like.

The average cost to stage the home will be no more than 1% of the sale price of the home. And most sellers were able to see a return on investment of 5 to 15% over the asking price. This shows that it can be well worth the money to get the work done. In addition, staging will help your home sell 3 to 30 times faster than a nonstaged home, which helps you get the home off the market as soon as possible.

When you are trying to join the great homes for sale in Greensboro, you need to make sure that you stage the home to impress potential buyers. This will ensure that they can see how the space will be utilized and can get more traffic through for a better purchase price as well. The right staging will ensure that you can move right into a new construction in Greensboro, NC sooner than you ever dreamed, so work with your realtor to get it done the right way from the beginning.