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What do home buyers in Greensboro want? Whether you are marketing your Greensboro home to first-time home buyers, young families or empty nesters, all of them are looking for some of the same characteristics in a home, along with a few special preferences that meet their specific needs.

Of course, home buyers are individuals, too, so the feature in your Greensboro home that most appeals to one buyer, such as an extensive backyard with space for gardening, could have zero appeal for another buyer. Researchers at Smith Marketing in Greensboro spend a lot of time profiling buyers to find out how to market existing homes and how to design new homes to appeal to a broad market.

As a seller, there are some things you may not be able to change easily about your home, but the more you know about what attracts home buyers, the more you can emphasize those features in your marketing materials and by staging your home.

Buyer Preferences

While granite countertops are definitely a popular choice, only a small percentage of buyers said that particular type of surface was very important. Stainless steel appliances were considered very important by an even smaller percentage of buyers. More important than those specific features were new appliances and an eat-in kitchen.

So, as a seller, if you have limited money but want to upgrade your dated kitchen, you may be better off spending the money on new appliances instead of new counters.

Generational Preferences

Hardwood floors tend to be more important to younger buyers than to baby boomers. Older buyers think a private master bath is an important feature to have in their home. While younger buyers want this as well, it’s less of a priority for their age group.

First-time buyers and younger buyers are looking for an open floor plan and a home office with up-to-date wiring, so if you have an older home to sell it may be wise to invest a little money in upgrading your technology.

You can also stage your home to show that your separate living room and dining room can be flexible spaces to use for an office or casual gathering space.

Younger buyers tend to be more interested in energy efficiency than older buyers, so if you decide to replace your appliances make sure you choose Energy Star models.

While you can’t provide a dream house for every buyer, considering buyer preferences while you prepare your home for sale can make your property more appealing so it sells faster. Contact Smith Marketing for help with selling your home in the greater Greensboro area.

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