Greensboro Real Estate Listings: Using MLS to find a New Home Listings

new homes in Greensboro

Are you in the market for a new home in the Greensboro area? These days the best place to start is the Internet. Searching for a new home on MLS (multiple listings service) databases can be overwhelming. There are a plethora of homes available and it is helpful to condense the number down to a shorter list of homes that meet your needs. What you need is a good search tool with many different criteria to narrow your search. Consider the following tips for searching Greensboro real estate listings.

  1. Decide what you want and need in a new home.

    The first step is to determine what you are looking for in your next home. Start with a price range and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you require. Determine size and number of levels and the type and size of lot you need. Consider proximity to work and other important places. Research the school district and neighborhood you want to be in. These are just some of the search criteria available on MLS listings in Greensboro.

  2. Search online Greensboro real estate listings.

    Once you have established your criteria for your new home, you can plug that information into our search engine to see what is available in the area you are hoping to live. The more detail you put into your search, the more refined your search will be, resulting in a list of homes that should be close to what you are looking for.

  3. Secure financing.

    It is wise to get pre-approved for a mortgage before you begin house hunting. Your financial institution will give you an accurate idea of how much they are willing to finance for your new home. Always set your price range lower than the amount you are approved for because it allows you breathing room for other expenses. Don’t buy a house that is more than you can truly afford.

  4. Contact a Realtor to help you tour homes.

    After narrowing your online search to a list of homes you wish to view, contact an Allen Tate Realtor to schedule tours. Realtors, as opposed to real estate agents, are part of the NAR (National Association of Realtors) and have sworn to uphold a certain code of ethics regarding real estate. You can expect better service and greater expertise from a Realtor.

Enjoy the house hunting process. It should be a pleasant experience to find the next place you will call home.

Smith Marketing and Allen Tate Realtors will help you find your dream home

When it comes to Greensboro real estate listings, Smith Marketing gives you access to all property that is available in the area. Our advanced search engine allows you to narrow your search by more than thirty different criteria. We work with Allen Tate Realtors who make it possible to tour the homes you find on our MLS listings in Greensboro. Allen Tate Realtors go beyond the search engine by listening to you and your wishes for your future home. We are the matchmakers of people and homes. If you would like us to help you find the home you have been looking for, contact us or call (336) 215-7880.

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