Eco-Friendly Solutions for Your Home

The health of the environment is a topic that is on the minds of many these days. If you have been thinking about how you can live in a more eco-friendly manner, you might first look at your home for opportunities to improve. This article will highlight some simple, approachable steps that you can take to make your house more eco-friendly.


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Start with Simple Steps

The task of making your home more eco-friendly can seem like a big mountain to climb, but the best way to get started is just by taking some basic, simple steps. As a starting point, try to check off some of the points below –


  • Switch to LEDs. This is a change you may have already made, but if not, make it a point to swap out your old lightbulbs for LEDs as soon as possible. With LEDs, you’ll use far less energy, and you won’t need to replace the lightbulbs nearly as often.


  • Smart thermostat. The HVAC system that serves your home is likely the component that uses up the most energy. To bring down energy usage without noticing any difference in comfort, invest in a smart thermostat that can easily be programmed to match your heating and cooling system perfectly to your needs. This way, you won’t be wasting energy heating up or cooling the house when you aren’t home to enjoy it.


  • Pay attention to water usage. It’s easy to get into some bad habits with regard to water use. Those habits can include things like showering too long, overwatering the lawn, or running half loads of dishes in the dishwasher. Monitor your monthly water bill as a good measure of how much you are using and make it a goal to pull back on consumption.


A Bigger Step

The points above are things you could do pretty quickly and easily, and without spending much money. If you want to make a bigger investment in the eco-friendliness of your home, look at adding solar panels to your roof. This is a big project, to be sure, and it is going to come with an upfront cost that is significant. However, it will gradually be paid back over time as you produce your own energy and don’t need to rely on the grid nearly as much – or at all. Also, solar power is renewable and doesn’t harm the environment, so it’s a change you can feel good about executing.


What Are You Hoping to Find?

The ideas above will help you make your current house as eco-friendly as possible, but they can also apply to a home that you are preparing to move into. Contact the real estate agents at Smith Marketing today to partner with a leading agency in North Carolina on this exciting project.