Designing a Home Gym: Fitness and Wellness in Your New Custom Home

Staying active is one of the biggest keys to maintaining good health as the years go by. While there are plenty of different workout options available today – such as joining a gym or just going for a run or a bike ride outdoors – having a home gym is easily the most convenient. The weather is always good in your own home, the gym will never be crowded with inconsiderate strangers, and you can squeeze in a session even when you only have a few minutes available.


This article is going to take a closer look at the challenge of designing a home gym to perfectly suit your needs. Of course, you’ll need to start with the right space available in your house, and on that point, Smith Marketing is ready to help. Whether it’s buying an existing home or building a beautiful custom luxury home from scratch, the Smith Marketing team is ready to jump into action. If you are ready to shop custom homes in Greensboro NC or you want to get to know some of the top Greensboro homebuilders, reach out today.


Picking the Right Space

Before you can design a home gym, you first need to think about what room is going to be used for this purpose. Of course, if you already live in your home, you’ll be left to pick from a set number of options – in fact, there might only be one viable choice for a room that you can use as a home gym.


However, if you are thinking about working with a custom home builder to create a new house, you’ll have a blank slate, and you can think about where you’d like the room to be and what features it should have. Consider the following –


  • Plenty of space. If at all possible, you want to make your home gym room bigger than the average bedroom or home office. Workout equipment can take up a lot of space, especially if you add large pieces like a treadmill or elliptical machine in addition to some weights.


  • Away from the living areas. It’s best to separate the location of the home gym from the main living areas of the house. This way, if you want to do a workout while other people are watching TV or doing some serious sleeping, you aren’t disrupting them with the noise coming out of the gym space. And, after a particularly rigorous workout, the room might smell a little “fresh.”


  • High ceiling. Depending on the design of your house, consider having a higher-than-normal ceiling in your home gym. Some types of workouts require some extra vertical space to complete safely, so having a high ceiling will prevent you from running into any restrictions.


Outfitting the Room

With the room selected or built for your home gym, the next step will be to select the equipment that is going to fill up the room and allow you to do your workout routines. This is the part of the project that will need to be most customized to your needs and preferences. Everyone works out a little differently, and a setup that is ideal for someone else just might not make much sense for your plans.


One point that should apply to pretty much everyone, however, is the need to maintain some open space within the home gym. Resist the temptation to pack the entire room full of as much equipment as you can find – you are going to want plenty of open floor space for various types of exercises and to walk around without feeling cramped or cluttered. A big open space in the middle of the room with equipment placed around the sides is probably going to be your best bet.


Some Nice Extras

Not everything in your home gym has to be focused on your actual exercises. You might want to also think about adding some extra features that will make this room a more enjoyable place to spend time day after day. The ideas listed below certainly aren’t required for a home gym but keep them in mind if you are designing this space from scratch.


  • Hang a TV. Sometimes, workout sessions can get a little long, especially if you are putting in some miles on a treadmill. By adding a TV to one of the walls, you can enjoy some of your favorite entertainment while getting in a workout at the same time.


  • Add a sound system. Rather than TV, you might prefer to enjoy some music to get you in the right mood for a difficult exercise routine. Think about adding a speaker system that can be controlled via Bluetooth, so you can easily turn on the songs that get you in the right mood to work hard and push your body to the limit.


  • Consider a water source. You could certainly just bring a bottle of water into the home gym with you when working out but having a dedicated water source available is a nice bonus. This could be a sink in the corner of the room, or you might even have a water fountain added like you would see in a commercial gym. Of course, this is a feature that is best considered ahead of time, as you would want to have the plumbing taken care of in advance instead of needing to go back and do it later.


Having a proven, knowledgeable agent on your side can make all the difference in a house hunt, and the Allen Tate team at Smith Marketing is a leader in this area for a reason. To see the best Greensboro homes for sale, or to explore the idea of building your own home from the ground up, take a moment to get in touch and learn more right away.