Design Trends for High-End Homes: Creating Elegance and Sophistication in Greensboro

If you are in the market for a high-end home, you likely have a couple of different priorities in mind. First, you want the home to be functional for you and your family. Once that box is checked, you’ll also want to think about the design of the home and how it fits with your tastes and style. It’s that second point that will be the focus of this article.


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Bring Nature Inside

One of the most popular trends, and one that it’s easy to imagine will stick around for a while, is the concept of bringing the natural world indoors in your design. We spend more time indoors in our lives than at any point in history, so it only makes sense to at least bring in some of the visual elements of the natural world to make us feel more comfortable. Using creative ways to incorporate nature into interior designs is a great way to give a home an upscale yet approachable feel.


A Blend of Materials

There was a period in the history of interior design that favored a monotone feel in various spaces, but that trend has faded in favor of variety. These days, more and more homeowners seem to prevent a blend of materials that give their rooms a layered, cozy feel. For instance, this could involve using wood floors that are partially covered by a soft rug, and then finishing off the space with curtains that complement the flooring. However it plays out in your home, utilizing varied materials is a popular and typically successful approach to design.


Embracing Antiques

You’ll take a big step toward creating a sophisticated space if you bring in some older, antique pieces to finish off a room. Blending older elements with newer components does well to balance out your design, much in the same way that mixing materials can do the same thing. It doesn’t even take a lot of older elements to achieve this approach successfully – just one or two pieces in a room can take some of the shine off the new parts and even everything out nicely.


Advanced Lighting Options

The emergence of LED lighting as a mainstream standard has opened up possibilities that simply didn’t exist previously. Well-designed lighting schemes that use LEDs can be customized from day to day to suit the occasion and needs of the people in the room. For instance, standard bright white lighting can be used for practical purposes when you just need to see everything clearly, but those lights can be adjusted down and have the tone altered to develop a certain mood for an evening gathering. Lighting that opens up your options will be another step toward designing a high-end, versatile, impressive space.