Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

Whether you are in the market for a new home or need to sell your current home (or both), choosing the right real estate broker can make a big difference in the outcome of your experience. Your realty company helps you to find homes that meet your needs when you are house hunting. And when you are selling your home, your agent is responsible for showing your home to prospective buyers and listing the home online in the best possible way to attract interest in the property. When house hunting, you need a real estate agency with access to the most property for sale in Greensboro. With the following tips, you can find the right agent for you.

  1. Check out their online listings. These days, people start their house hunting process online more often than any other method. Look at the properties for sale in Greensboro and any other areas you are considering. If the listings on a broker’s site make the homes look attractive and interesting to you as a home buyer, then you can expect that your home will be presented just as nicely when you are ready to sell.
  2. Look at style and price range of the agent’s listings. Find a broker who has homes listed that match the general style and price range of the type of property you are looking for. You want an agent who specializes in properties of the type you seek so that they are more likely to show you houses that meet your criteria. The same applies to selling your home.
  3. Consider an agent’s credentials and licensing. There is a difference between a real estate agent and a Realtor. A Realtor with a capital R is a member of the National Association of Realtors, meaning they vow to uphold a certain code of ethics. There are other certifications and specialties that real estate agents and Realtors can add to their professional status. Also, a real estate agent must be licensed in the state where they work. You can check licensing through your state regulatory agency. Ask your potential agent about their licensing and credentials.
  4. Look for experience. You want a broker with at least five years of experience, otherwise you may be part of their learning curve.

Smith Marketing works with Allen Tate Greensboro to sell homes

When Smith Marketing joined forces with Allen Tate Realtors of Greensboro, the result was a huge success. Smith Marketing has the expertise to present homes online in a way that interests homebuyers and gets homes sold quickly. Allen Tate Realtors work closely with clients to help them find the new home they are looking for and sell their old home as well. From the home buyer and seller’s side of the equation, Smith Marketing and Allen Tate Greensboro make the process easy and even fun. You should enjoy house hunting without worrying that you will have trouble selling your old home for what it’s worth. Let us take care of the details while you focus on finding the home of your dreams. Request a free consultation or call (336) 215-7880 to get started buying or selling a home today.

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