5 Things to Consider When Choosing a New Home Site

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Choosing to build a new home is a decision that turns into more decisions. What builder to select, what floor plan, how much to spend, and where to build, are all decisions to be made when building a new home. If you’re familiar with real estate language, one thing you’ll hear real estate agents often chant is “location, location, location!” Understanding how location impacts your Greensboro real estate purchasing decision is crucial to making the right choice. Find out why by reading these 6 tips to consider when choosing your home site.

  1. Slope Affects Drainage and Property Costs

The idea of a home sitting atop a high hill may be dreamy, but it will likely cost more for your builders to build into a hill. The same caveat applies if your site sits in a valley. Consider how the land grading will impact construction costs. And don’t forget about drainage. Slope, like soil, also has a big impact on water drainage.

  1. The Sun Impacts New Home Design and Energy Consumption

The position of your home in respect to the sun’s location will impact your home’s design. Determine how the real estate is positioned so you can create your layout with sunlight in mind. In addition, sun impacts energy consumption. If your site has little shading, or too much, it can impact your energy bills come hot or cold weather.

  1. Area Statistics Can Impact Your Real Estate Decision

If you have young children and are planning to purchase Greensboro real estate, check out the area’s school system to ensure the academic levels meet your expectations. While you’re checking out the schools, check out the demographics and crime rates in your area to ensure it’s a place you can see yourself living for a long time.

  1. Consider Shopping Locations Before Purchasing Property

While ‘being away from it all’ sounds nice, the comfort of seclusion from busy streets may turn into an inconvenience when you run out of milk. Review how far away grocery stores and shopping centers are located so you know just how far you’ll need to go to replenish your kitchen or to buy a new sweater.

  1. Future Area Plans for New Home Builds Can Affect Your Future, Too

The only thing constant in life is change. Keep that in mind if you’re choosing a Greensboro real estate site that is away from city. Check to see if there are any future plans to build around you so you can plan for new neighbors and construction if you decide the site is right for you.

Select the Right Greensboro Real Estate Home Site Today

Lessen the stress of researching your site by relying on experts in the Greensboro Real Estate market. Smith Marketing takes the time to get to know you and your plans to help make your site selection one that suits you and your future. Get help choosing the right home site now by calling Jason Smith at 336-451-4921 or Jeff Smith at 336-215-7880 with Smith Marketing of Allen Tate Realtors.