5 Inexpensive Home Improvements That Add Value to Your Property: Make Your Home Stand Out!

If you have started to think about selling your home, you might be wondering what you can do to make the property as valuable as possible for prospective buyers. While there isn’t anything you can do about the overall market conditions, you can take some inexpensive steps to position your home to be as attractive to buyers as possible. By using some or all of the ideas in this article, you can put up your listing with confidence.


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1 – New Fixtures

This is a great way to upgrade your home quickly because not only can fixtures be rather affordable, but they are easy enough for most people to install with just basic tools. For example, adding fresh handles and pulls to your kitchen drawers and cabinets is a task that requires little more than a screwdriver and some spare time. For an older home with worn fixtures, these kinds of updates can make a huge difference.


2 – Fresh Paint

You’ll probably see this piece of advice in plenty of places, and that’s because it’s such an easy step to take. Paint is pretty inexpensive in most cases, and unless you have extremely tall ceilings or spots in the house that are difficult to access, you might be able to do the work yourself, but the best results will come from a professional painting crew.  Your real estate agent will likely be able to help you with a recommendation for a quality painting company.  And remember If you are painting with the intention of selling the house in the near future, set aside your personal tastes and opt for simple, neutral shades that will appeal to a wide range of buyers.


3 – Move Out the Clutter

Okay – so this isn’t technically a home improvement project, but it can make your house much more attractive to potential buyers once it hits the market. It’s never too early to start getting rid of things that you don’t need anymore to free up space and make the house feel bigger. There is a good chance you’ll be able to find quite a few things around the house and garage that can simply be thrown out once you start looking closely, and you’ll probably find even more that can be sold or donated.


4 – Improve the Landscaping

This is another point that requires minimal financial investment, as long as you are willing to do some hard work. Making sure your landscaping is in good shape when the house hits the market will boost the curb appeal and offer buyers a great first impression. You don’t need to be a master gardener to make big improvements here – just clean up the yard, remove weeds, keep the lawn green, and consider adding a couple of flowers for color.


5 – Professional Carpet Cleaning

Another point on the list that calls for bringing in the professionals is this one, but you’ll likely find it to be well worth the investment. Professional carpet cleaners have access to tools and equipment that aren’t easily available to the consumer, so you can expect to get great results for only a modest investment. This step is worthwhile for all sellers, but it’s particularly valuable for pet owners, as those pets may have been hard on the carpets over the years.