10 Reasons to Buy your New Home During the Fall

Are you thinking of buying a new home, but you’re unsure about looking during the fall? You may have heard that spring and summer are the best times of the year to house hunt, but there are certain advantages to buying a home in the fall, especially if your focus is on luxury homes in Greensboro.

Consider these 10 Reasons

Sellers are Motivated

The housing market slows down in the fall, which can make it more difficult to sell a home. Sellers may go weeks or even months without an offer. This makes them extremely motivated to accept any offer they get, even if it’s a little lower than their asking price. As a buyer, this puts you at a distinct advantage.

Real Estate Agents are More Available

When agents aren’t so busy juggling multiple clients, you can get more one-on-one attention. Your agent can spend more time finding you the right home and making sure you get it.

Banks Offer Better Mortgage Rates

When the housing market slows, lenders don’t book as many loans. So they offer lower rates to entice buyers to finance or refinance.

More Time to Think Over your Purchase

Buying a house is a huge financial decision, and you want to be able to take the time to think it over. However, in a busy, competitive housing market, you have to put offers in quickly with not much time to consider. In the fall you won’t feel as much pressure to make a fast decision.

Flexibility of Moving Dates

In a slower housing market, you’ll have more flexibility when it comes to closing dates. Also, moving companies are less busy so they’re more likely to be available on the day you want to move.

Neighborhoods are Busier

If you’re checking out the neighborhood during the summer, it might seem quieter than usual due to vacations and hot weather keeping people indoors. In the fall you can get a better feel for the activity and speed of the neighborhood.

The Weather Gets Interesting

Any home can look great in sunny weather, but in the fall you can see it in the rain and with the leaves off the trees and perhaps even in the snow. It may seem different depending on the weather.

No Flowers to Hide Imperfections

With no flowers blooming to enhance the appearance of a home, you’ll be more likely to notice things like peeling paint, faded siding, or other blemishes.

Take Advantage of Holiday Bargains for Home Goods

After moving into a new home there are always things you need, such as curtains, rugs, and other home accessories. With all the holiday sales going on, you could save some money.

Have an Easier Time Booking a Handyman and other Services.

There are often things that need to be repaired or done to a new home. You’ll have an easier time booking painters and home repair services in the fall.

Find Luxury Homes in Greensboro for Less During the Fall 

If you’re in the market for a high-end luxury home, fall is a great time to find one at a good price. Higher priced homes tend to stay on the market longer anyway, and motivated sellers may be willing to cut you a deal just to get the home sold. Smith Marketing and Allen Tate RealtorsⓇ can help you find luxury homes in Greensboro that are priced to sell. Call (336) 215-7880 today to speak with an agent about available homes.