Tips for Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent in Greensboro

With so many agents in Greensboro, choosing the right one can make your buying or selling experience successful and less stressful. But where do you start? There are a lot of tips to choosing the right Greensboro real estate agent starting with what you’re doing right now; researching.

Examine Licensing Credentials

First and foremost, ensure your Greensboro real estate agent is licensed. Most states have a database where you can review licensing. A simple internet search will lead you there. You can also review any previous disciplinary actions. If the agent has abbreviations behind their professional name, this typically means they have additional credentials.  These credentials mean they’ve had additional training and have credentialed skills. Some specialize in senior aged assistance, some specialize in buyers, and others have exclusive training in residential real estate.

Inquire about Experience

Determine how long the agent has been practicing and their experience level. A skilled Greensboro real estate agent with a long history and years of experience can create a more seamless and informed buying and selling experience.

Examine Current Listings

Review the agent’s current listings via their website. Determine if he/she is listing in your area. More importantly, view how the listings are presented. Are the homes being professionally presented in their best light? This is how your home would be marketed, so ensure it is satisfactory.

Hire a Licensed, Experienced Greensboro Real Estate Team with Smith Marketing

You’ve taken the right steps in your quest for Greensboro real estate agents by equipping yourself with knowledge. Now, equip yourself with agents who exceed expectations. Smith Marketing is an award winning team of agents, possessing over 35 years of experience helping customers buy and sell their homes.

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