Pocket Park Play!

By: Betty Smith

Mackintosh on the Lake in Burlington offers many amenities.  One of the best kept      secrets is the Pocket Play Park in Avalon.  You really don’t find it unless you are riding around the neighborhood and just happen by this wonderful corner.

Located in the heart of Avalon & Newbury, this play park provides entertainment for all ages.  It is fenced and bordered by evergreens on two sides for    a beautiful backdrop.  The Castle-like appearance has drawn many children to climb, slide or swing away the day.  Benches are provided for parents or older siblings to rest after the younger children have worn them out!!

Many neighbors walk with their strollers or have their children ride their bicycles or tricycles to the park after dinner for a quick swing or slide down the sliding board.

Come visit our available homes and while you are in the neighborhood make time to play at our Pocket Park in Avalon.  Hope to see you there!

-Laura @ Mackintosh