Fun Family Activities Around Lake Brandt

Published on March 20, 2022 by Smith Marketing

Lake Brandt is a rapidly expanding area of Greensboro. The Farm at Lake Brandt is a new community featuring custom built homes by premier Greensboro builders. If you’re looking for a place to build a home where you can gaze upon the serene waters of the lake, this is your opportunity. Lake Brandt offers recreational opportunities of all kinds from boating to hiking. This combined with its convenient location near many other activities and top notch schools makes it a great place to raise a family.

Recreation at Lake Brandt

The Lake offers many activities on and near the water. The marina is the boating hub featuring 3 launch ramps for private boats as well as canoe, rowboat, kayak, and stand-up paddle board rentals. Fishermen have been successful at catching largemouth bass, crappie, and catfish among other fish. There are at least 3 main hiking trails upon which guided tours are available.

The Greensboro Science Center

If you enjoy the natural world that’s beyond your back yard, the Greensboro Science Center is the place to experience it. With an aquarium featuring penguins, reptiles, otters, fish of all kinds, sharks, and a hands-on touch pool, you’ll feel as if you’re truly under the sea. The outdoor zoo features a variety of animals from a barnyard petting zoo to Bengal tigers. Indoor exhibits include a dinosaur museum, weather feature, anatomy and body systems learning center, and play areas that inspire the imagination. There’s something for people of all ages to enjoy.

Skywild Adventure

Suspended above the outdoor zoo of the Greensboro Science Center is a thrilling ropes course that will challenge kids and adults alike. Seven unique courses made up of zip lines, rope bridges, and other thrilling trials can be accommodated to suit the experience level of the participants. Great for team building and family bonding. Find out what you’re made of at Skywild.

Friendly Shopping Center

If your idea of a good time is based in retail, the shops at Friendly Center are sure to please you. A variety of stores both local and large chain are represented offering a wide range of merchandise for your shopping pleasure. And when you need a break there’s plenty to eat from snacks to fine dining.

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

Any history buffs in the family? The Guilford Courthouse National Military Park was a Revolutionary War battleground. Watch a reenactment of the battle, tour the museum, stroll the grounds, and view the monuments. Stand in awe of the brave soldiers who defended our nation at its very beginning.

The Farm at Lake Brandt

There are many opportunities for fun, both indoors and out, near The Farm at Lake Brandt. If you’ve been looking for a place to build a home and raise a family, the Lake Brandt area is ideal. Convenient to Greensboro, great schools, natural beauty, and lots to do defines this community as a family-friendly location. To find available homes and home sites at The Farm at Lake Brandt, contact Smith Marketing with Allen Tate Realtors: (336) 215-7880.

Tips for Calculating How Much House you Can Afford

Published on March 2, 2022 by Smith Marketing

The idea of buying a house can be daunting. It’s a large purchase that usually requires a loan for most people. So how do you know how much house you can really afford? There are so many factors to take into consideration, it can be difficult to settle on a price range that will be affordable and allow you to consider the type of luxury homes in Greensboro that you want. Try these tips for calculating how much house you can afford and still live the lifestyle you want.

Start with a Preapproval from a Reputable Lender

One of the major factors in how much house you can afford depends on how much your lender will approve you for. Before you start looking or ever make an offer on a home, your lender will preapprove you for a certain amount, which basically says they are willing to finance up to that amount but no more. Be careful though: this is not the amount you actually want to spend on a home. You actually want to shoot quite a bit lower than your preapproved amount. If you buy a home that is at the top of your price range, you won’t have much to spare each month after you make your house payment.

Analyze your Monthly Household Budget

Sit down and write out your complete budget. Start with your monthly income and subtract all of your bills (don’t forget gas, groceries, and spending money). Then see how much you have left to spend on housing. You’ll get a pretty good idea of what kind of house payment you can afford to pay on a monthly basis, which will help you further narrow down your price range.

Your Credit Score and Interest Rate Go Hand in Hand

The rate you get depends on the state you’re buying a home in and your credit score. Typical rates differ from state to state so you might find that your rate could be either higher or lower if you’re moving out of state. Your credit score also affects the rate you can expect to get. The better your credit score, the lower the interest rate you can qualify for.

Property Taxes and Escrow Should Factor In

Property tax can actual vary quite a bit from one city or county to the other. In many cases you’ll pay more in property taxes in the city, but you may find that county houses are priced higher so that it all balances out. You should budget for property taxes when deciding on your price range. Escrow allows you to work the property tax into your monthly payment so that you don’t end up owing a large sum of money each year all at once.

Find Luxury Homes in Greensboro that You Can Afford

Once you know your price range, Smith Marketing and Allen Tate Realtors® can help you find the home of your dreams that fits within your monthly budget. When you’re ready to start touring affordable luxury homes in Greensboro, call (336) 215-7880.