6 Tips to Prepare Your House for Sale in Greensboro

Published on October 20, 2015 by Smith Marketing

When selling your home, you hope to sell quickly and for a good price. Your house will get the most views in the first month it is on the market. So before you even consider listing your house for sale in Greensboro do your homework. There are 6 things you can do to improve the chances your house will sell in the Greensboro real estate market.

  1. Create curb appeal. Make sure your yard is manicured. Plant flowers, add fresh mulch to flower beds. Spiff up or get a new mailbox. These are all things that contribute to the first impression prospective buyers will have of your house. And first impressions matter.
  2. Make inside and outside improvements. Outside improvements, especially to the front of your home also influence curb appeal. Repaint your front door or porch railings. Repair any loose or broken items anywhere on the outside of your home. Give the inside a fresh coat of paint to cover up any marks or bumps on the walls. Use neutral colors that will appeal to a larger population of prospective buyers.
  3. Clean inside and out. Be sure every inch of your home is clean. Clean cobwebs out of corners you never think to look at, wash windows, dust ceiling fan blades and the top of the fridge. Consider renting a carpet cleaner or even hire a professional carpet cleaning service. You could even hire a professional house cleaning service to give the inside of your home a thorough scouring. Outside, pressure wash the exterior of your home, especially if you have vinyl siding.
  4. Declutter your home. Put things in storage if need be to minimize the amount of stuff in each room. Rooms look bigger with less clutter and furniture. Remove all personal items such as family photos and religious or political paraphernalia. Prospective buyers need to be able to picture themselves and their family in the house.
  5. Remove all pets. Either arrange for them to stay somewhere else during the selling process or be ready to take them with you whenever someone is coming to view your home. Also take their things with you, including food and water bowls, litter box, and toys. There should be no evidence whatsoever that pets live in your home.
  6. Arrange furniture in rooms to be logical. Make sure the kitchen looks like a typical kitchen, even if you normally use part of the room for something else. Set up empty rooms with furniture to give them a purpose even if you didn’t use them that way. Selling a home is all about appearances.

List your house for Sale in Greensboro with Smith Marketing

After you have done these things, you are ready to list your house for sale in Greensboro. And when you are ready to list, contact Smith Marketing. Smith Marketing with Allen Tate Realtors are experts in Greensboro real estate. We will list your home and actively market it to get it sold in a timely manner for the desired asking price. Smith Marketing will take professional photos of your home for online listing and make sure to get your house out there on listing sites and social media. You do your homework, and we’ll do ours. Contact Smith Marketing online or call 336-663-1320.

Buying and Selling Luxury Homes in Greensboro is Easier than Ever

Published on October 8, 2015 by Smith Marketing

The housing market is considered stable in most US cities and is expected to stay that way into the next year. It is not a buyer’s or a seller’s market right now. What does this mean? That it’s as easy to sell a home as it is to buy a home. With luxury homes in Greensboro listed online complete with photos, it is easy for house hunters to find a home and easy for sellers to showcase homes for sale. Allen Tate Greensboro has extensive listings of homes in Greensboro and the surrounding area. Once you have narrowed down your search online with Smith Marketing, an Allen Tate Realtor can take you on actual tours of the homes you are interested in.

Shopping Online for Luxury Homes in Greensboro

It’s easy to find luxury homes in Greensboro when searching online. You can narrow your search using a series of criteria such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, school district, zip code, lot size, etc. You can find a home that meets your needs without leaving your desk, or, if you are interested in having a custom home built you can search by lot and builder. You can view photographs of homes and lots and in some cases take a virtual tour from the comfort of your home.

Listing Online

It’s also easy to sell your home by listing it online. When you list your home online with Allen Tate, you are getting it out there in front of thousands of people. Smith Marketing specializes in showcasing homes in Greensboro and surrounding areas to get them sold. Allen Tate Realtors with Smith Marketing bring buyers and sellers together so that everyone wins.


After the home itself, probably the next most important criteria when looking for a new home is the neighborhood. Proximity to businesses and schools is key. Allen Tate Greensboro has luxury homes available in a long list of great neighborhoods. With so many neighborhoods to choose from, it’s easy to find a home that fits your needs and in the right location.

Two Companies in One

When Allen Tate Realtors and Smith Marketing came together, the best of both companies combined to become a tour de force in the housing market. When you list your home with the Allen Tate Smith Marketing Team, you are guaranteeing that it will sell. When you buy a home through Allen Tate Smith Marketing, you will know you are choosing from a huge variety of the very best homes on the market. Buying and selling homes has never been easier. Start the buying or selling process today.

For more information about the stability of the current housing market visit http://www.cnbc.com/2015/05/29/.